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PMP Formulae

In English

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Ratna Likhita

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(O + 4M + P)/6 O = Optimistic value P = Pessimistic value M = Most likely value


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79 questions
Early start + duration
Early Finish in schedule management
Late Finish - duration
Late start in schedule management
Variance at completion(VAC)
Probability * Impact P*I
Expected monetary value(EMV)
Cost Plus Fixed Fee(CPFF): Buyer reimburses the seller for the seller’s allowable costs plus a fixed amount of profit (fee) Example: Total cost plus 25,000 USD as a fee Cost plus incentive fee (CPIF) :Buyer reimburses the seller for the seller’s allowable costs, and the seller earns its profit if it meets defined performance criteria. If the project is completed under budget, the seller will receive 25% of the savings Cost plus award fee (CPAF): Buyer reimburses the seller for the seller’s allowable costs , but the majority of the fee is earned based only on the satisfaction of certain broad subjective performance criteria defined and incorporated into the contract Eg: If the seller completes the task by meeting or exceeding quality standards based on their performance, the buyer may give an award up to 10,000 USDCost reimbursable contract variants
EDM E = Expert judgement D = Data analysis M = Meetings
Tools and techniques of Plan scope management