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Rainbow Six Seige Callouts

Rainbow Six Seige Callouts for Most Ranked Maps

In English
Rainbow Six Seige Callouts

Created by:
BigBoys Biscuits

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Where is Ela?
Where is Ela?

CEO Closet

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314 questions
Where is Ela?
CEO Closet
Where is Ela?
Table (Meeting)
This Room?
Coffee Closet
This Area
Admin Flags
This Area
Admin Fans
This Room?
Yellow Soda
This Area
Piano Desk
Where is Ela?
Office Closet
Where is Ela?
Bottom Spiral
Where is Ela?
Visa Hallway
This is....
Visa Soda
This Staircase?
Lower Visa
That table is
Kitchen Table
Ela is...
Kitchen Fridge
This is....
Kitchen Soda
This Room?
This Room?
Long Desk
Vigil is on....
Banana Gold
This Section?
End Banana
This area is
Top Square
Vigil is looking at...
Square Skylight
These Stairs
Marble Upper
This Room is..
Side Office
This Room?
Tellers Office
This Plant Spot
Printer Default
This room?
Lower Square
This room?
Open Closet
Vigil is Roaming..
Under Hallway hatch
Where is Vigil Roaming
Under lodging hatch
This is...
Vigil is
Bottom Short
This is...
Red Hallway
Vigil is...
Blue Soda
This room...
Master Tub
This room...
Master Bedroom