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Liliannis Ochoa

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PC/Laptop/table Google sheet Index Card box Acquisition Targets Maintenance Targets Generality Targets

Materials Needed to Collect Data

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28 questions
All probe data sheets All daily graphs ABC Data sheet
What should be completed daily as part of data collection
Uses the product of a behavior as data
Permanent product recording
Lay out preferred items. "Which one?" "Pick one?" Do not replace the items
MSWO- Multiple Stimulus Preference Assessment WITHOUT Replacement
New Behavior Occurs Unclear what to do or say Caregiver Complaints
When to seek clinical direction from your supervisor
Communication Log On Graphs
Where indicate variables that may affect client (ex: illness)
ONLY the client's 6 Digit ID#
What is allowed on client's Google Sheet
Google Sheets
Where are client data stored?
-Conversations with caretakers should stay within context of program -Remain within your level of competency and role as the RBT
2 Ways to Maintain professional boundaries and avoid conflicts of interests with your clients