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Readings in Philippine History

In English


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Considers the time and place the historical document was written as well as the situation or the circumstances during the time.

Context analysis

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164 questions
Questions to consider in learning history and understanding sources:
How authoritative is the account/source?; How is it relevant today?
The Historian's duty
To draw insights from the ideas and realities that have shaped the lives of the society To comprehend how situations happened, important elements involved; how these situations can solve the current times' predicaments and help plan for the future.
What is History?
It is the study of belief and desires, practices and institutions of human beings.
Why study History?
It teaches us to see the world through different eyes - appreciating diversity of human perceptions, beliefs and cultures. Different perspectives will enable us to critically analyze the present context of society and beings.
Meaning of History is derived from?
Greek word "chuchu" read as "istoia"
What is the meaning of "History" for Aristotle?
"It is a systematic account of a set of natural phenomena, whether or not chronological factoring was a factor in the account."
Meaning of "History": Latin word?
Scientia ("science") came to be used more regularly to designate non-chronological systematic accounts of natural phenomena.
8 Examples of Primary Sources
Photographs reflecting social conditions of historical realities & everyday life Old sketches/drawings that indicate conditions of life of past societies Old maps that may reveal how space & geography were used to emphasize trade routs, structural build-up, etc. Cartoons for political expression or propaganda Material evidence of the prehistoric past like cave drawings, old syllabaries and ancient writings. Statistical tables, graphs and charts oral history or recordings by electronic means of accounts of eyewitnesses or participants; recordings are then transcribed and used for research. Published or unpublished primary documents, eyewitness accounts, and other written sources.
Spice islands was dominated by what country under what treaty
Portugal dominated space islands in the east route under the treaty of versailles.
Magellan's proposal to King Charles 1 of Spain
Proposed a route to approach the spice island west.
King Charles I accepted Magellan's proposal and assembled what for the expedition?
King Charles the I accepted Magellan's proposal and assembled 270 crew and five ships, 4 carracks and one caravel.
Bigger than estimated, what did Magellan's crew faced?
Their, supplies ran out, men forced to eat rats and drink putrid water and 19 died of scurvy.
The discovery of Islets or islets was named as?
The archipelago of San Lazaro (now Hundred island).
It was named the archipelago of San Lazaro during that time because?
The islets or archipelago was discovered on the sabbath (Sunday) of St. Lazarus.
Was an old who was painted.
The seignor [Elders]
The captain general in exchange gave the king a garment of red and yellow cloth made in the Turkish fashion and fine red cap and knives to the men. What did the king gave in exchange?
The king gave three porcelain jars covered with leaves and full of raw rice, two very large orade [dorada] and other things/
Magellan met The king of Butuan and the king of Calagan [Caraga] namely?
Raia Colambu the king of Butuan and Raia Siaui the king of Calagan [Caraga]
The first mass in the Philippines happened?
Early morning of Sunday the last of March and Easter Sunday they prepared for the Mass that will happen.
When the hour for mass arrived they landed with?
50 men without body armor and in the best clothes.
When magellan landed the kings were there and?
Embraced the captain-general and march to the place of consecration which is not far from the shore.
After mass, What did Magellan do or told the kings? Wherein the Kings benefit, for whenever any allied ship saw it they will know that they had been there and that they will not harm them or any of their land.
After mass, Magellan told the kings that they need to set-up the cross, for the Kings benefit, for whenever any allied ship saw it they will know that they had been there and that they will not harm them or any of their land.
Why is it necessary that the cross should be set in the highest mountain?
It is necessary that the cross should be set in the highest mountain, so that they could adore it and neither thunder nor storm will harm them.
What did they (Magellan) also asked after he told the kings that they need to set-up the cross?
They (Magellan) also asked if they were Moro on which they answered they are not.
As the island doesn’t have enough food they asked if where they could find the best port to get food and three ports was recommended:
CEYLON (Leyte), ZUBU (Cebu) and CALAGHANN (Calagan) and the Zubu is the largest and the one with most trade.
After the cross erected (Humunu), they repeated
A Pater Noster and an Ave Maria and adored the cross in which the Kings also did the same.
They went to the cultivated land and asked what help (plan of travelling)?
Help from the Kings if they could asked someone to guide them, they even offered that they will send someone to make it as a hostage just to give assurance to them that the guide will be safe.
When night falls the King changed his mind and let them stay until the harvest is over, This is so that?
So that they could carry more goods as long as they will send some men to help them and they agreed.
What was the reason that they (Magellan) stayed more days in Humunu?
The following morning, after the harvest, no work happened since most men drinks and eat, the worked happened a day after the reason that they (Magellan) stayed more days in Humunu.
As they traveled (from Humunu) they stop over at?
MAZUA [Limasawa] an Island 25 leagues from the Accquada.
There were bats as large as eagles that also becomes?
Their meal and other animals that is exotic to the island
They then out westward from Gatighan, the king of Mazua cannot follow them closely, thus they waited for him near the three islands, what are these islands?
These islands are namely POLO [Poro], TICOBAN [Pasijan], and POZON [Pason]. The king was astonished at the rapidity of the ship.
The interpreter relied what to the king of Zubu after they landed and was approached by the foster son of Magellan with an interpreter?
The interpreter relied that the master was a captain and the greatest king and prince in the world and that he was going to discover "Malucho", but that he has some sole to visit the King because of the good report which he has heard from the king of Mazua and so as to by food
The King of Zubu said that?
It was customary to give tribute to whoever comes to trade with them.
The interpreter told the king after the king replied that?
The interpreter told the king that, since his master was the captain of so great a king, he did not pay tribute to any seignior in the world
They also said to the King of Zubu that?
The master’s king was more powerful in men and ships that the king of Portogalo that he was the king of Spagnia and emperor of all the Christians and if they will not care they will sent so many men that they would destroy him
Monday morning, the notary together with the interpreter went to Zubu to talked to the king if?
Whether they (the king of Zubu and its people) will pay tribute to the emperor, his master and they want all they want it to do trading and no others.
The king was satisfied and just wished to become his friend, he then?
Should send him a drop of blood his right arm (blood compact), and this happened
After consecrating the land and setting up the cross on Wednesday, two days later, Friday, Magellan did what?
Shop for full merchandize, like metals and iron which was bartered using gold while also small item goods such as, rice, swine and other.
After Magellan shup for full merchandize of Friday, tomorrow that day, Saturday, What did Magellan do?
They prepared the platform that will be used for the baptism as the captain had promised the King to baptized him.
Friday April 26, Zula one of the chief in Matan, sent? he plans to give more but the other chief of Matan refused to obey the king of Spagnia named?
His son to present two goats to the captain general (Magellan), Zula one of the chief of Matan wishes to give more but Cilapulapu the other chief of Matan refused to obey the king of Spagnia.
Zula requested the captain to send him only one boatload of men on the next night, so that?
They might help him and fight against the other chief (Cilapulapu)
At midnight, how many men set out armed with corselets and helmets together with the Christian king, the prince and some chief man and Balanghais?
60 men set out armed with corselets and helmets, together with the Christian King, the Prince and some chief man and 20 to 30 balanghais
The captain did not wish to fight, but?
But he sent amessage to the natives by the Moro to the effect if they would obey the king of Spagnia
When morning came how many leaped into the water and walked through it for more than two crossbow flights?
49 leaped into the water and walked through it for more than two crossbow flights
What weapons were used and shot in that fight?
A lot of arrow shots so as bamboo spears
What did Magellan ordered that the group of Cilapilapu roused in fury
Magellan order to burn their houses, with that the group of Cilapilapu roused in fury