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Real Estate

In English

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Civil Rights Act - Protects against discrimination on race and color


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30 questions
Quid Pro Quo
You scratch my back I scratch yours
Jones vs Mayer
1968 - 13th amendment, prohibits all racial discrimination
Federal Fair Housing
1968 - Race, Color, Religion, & National Orgin
Fair Housing Amendment Act
1988 - Handicaps - AIDS, alcoholics, speech, hearing, sight, familial status
Abstract title
Lists all activity on title since the root.
Original Conveyance of Title from the GOVERNMENT to an individual
Dedication of Title
Private Citizen giving realty to Government
Vacation of Title
Government giving realty back to private citizen
Person receiving realty, not necessarily a buyer.
Granting Clause
Defines extent of estate being granted. Fee simple or a lesser interest. (the amount of interest)
Money or other valuable things. $$$$$$
Items needed for deed to be Valid.
Grantor, Grantee (real person), granting clause, how title was taken, consideration, exceptions/restrictions, legal address/description, & grantors signature.
Riparian Rights
River or Stream rights
Littoral Rights
Lake or ocean rights
Right of tenant to use wood of owner in a lease situation
Lessor or life estate holder fails to keep realty in the same condition it was received in.
Adverse Possession
Acquisition of property by CONTINUOUS, ACTUAL, OPEN, and NOTORIOUS use of the land of another with or without their permission for an extended period of time.
Fruit of the crop. Regarded as personal property. AKA you sell your land, but planted crops you have rights to the 1st harvest of those crops.
Allodial Land System
Use it or Lose it. Real property law where individuals can hold clear title to property and have full ownership of rights.
Combining successive periods of continuous use or occupation of property to establish adverse possession or a prescriptive easement.
Anything that effects value of realty including a lien.
Personal property that has been attached to realty in a permanent way
Tangible or Corporeal
Visual value of realty, something you can touch. Ex: a house
Privilege to be on someones property. Can be canceled by owner at anytime, privilege attaches to the person NOT the realty.
Process where boundaries are determined for a plot of land, including easements and encroachments.
Reversionary Interest Life Estate
GrantOR gets realty back when GrantEE dies.
What is APR?
True annual interest rates.