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Aayushi Yadav

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How long are the wavelengths of electromagnetic waves of light?

400 nm to 700 nm

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Refraction - Details



35 questions
Rarer to denser?
Towards the normal
Denser to rarer?
Away from the normal
What is the cause of refraction?
Change in speed of light while crossing two transparent media
What is relative refractive index?
Ratio of speed of light in two mediums
When can a light ray trace it's path back?
When it's final path gets reversed
What is the law for tracing back of the path of light called?
Principle of reversibility of the path of light
Why is lateral shift more for violet light than red light?
Because refractive index of violet light is greater
Why will the said image be brightest?
Because it goes through maximum reflection and refraction