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Normal: < 120/80, Stage 1: < 120-140/ 80-90 Stage 2: > 140/90 Rx: > 130/80. HTN Urgency: > 180/110 Asymptomatic HTN Emergency > 180/110 Symptomatic

Stages of HTN, threshold for treatment

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69 questions
BP > 20/10 above goal, > 160/100 Usually ACE/CCB combo
When do you start with two medications?
Resistant HTN Young Spontaneous low K
Secondary HTN , when to work up?
Adrenal adenoma Dx with CT
Cause of hyperaldosterone?
Renal us
Post renal w/u
GFR < 60 / 3 mo
Definition of CKD
Stone < 4 mm, may take up to 4 wks.
Which stone pass on own?
Ca level < 8.5
Define Hypocalcemia
K > 5.5
Definition of Hyperkalemia
K > 7 : Progressive muscle weakness to paralysis
What are the sx of hyperkalemia?
K < 3.5
Definition of Hypokalemia
Vomiting, Diarrhea, Diuretics
What are some of the causes of hypokalemia?
Uwaves, St depression and QT prolongation.
What is the EKG sign of hypokalemia?
Osmo > 300 Cause: Glucose
Hypertonic hyponatremia
UNa < 10 Cause: diuretics, GI loses Treat with IV NS
Cause and treat low volume hyponatremia
Drugs: Laxative/antacids containing Mg Renal failure
What is the cause of hypermagnasemia?
Remove underlying cause Hydrate Calcium
Treatment of hypermagnasemia
Low Ca and Low K
What other electrolyte abnormalities do you see with hypo Mg?
Cramps and arrythmias
What are sx of low Mg?