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reproductive system

In English

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Whiley Lion

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testes and ovaries

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47 questions
Testes and ovaries
Secrete steroid sex hormones
Androgens(males) estrogens and progesterone (females)
Male gametes
Male ducts
Seminiferous tubules,epidimymis,vas deferens , ejaculatory duct, prostetic membranous and penile urethra
Male glands
Seminal vescle, prostate gland, bulbourethral glans
Male sex hormones
The scrotum temp is
3 degress celcsius lower that core body temp, temp neccessary for sperm production
Testes are surrounded by what two tunics
Tunica vaginalis(peritoneum) & albuginea (fibrous capsule)
Sperms travers from seminiferous tubles through
Straight tubules, rete testis, efferent ducts, epididymis,vas deferens
Spermatic cord houses
Blood vessels, nerves, and lymoh vessels
Epididymis head
Contains the efferent ductules
Ductus deferens joins form......
Seminal vesicle, ejaculatory duct
Cutting and ligating the ductus deferens
Penis type of tissue
Erectile tissue (spongy connective tissue & smooth muscle w/ vascular spaces)
Corpus spongiosum
Surrounds urethra and expands to form glans and buls
Corpora cavernosa
Paried dorsal erectile bodies
Urethra has three regions
Porstatic urethra, membranous urethra, spongy(penile)urethra
Seminal vesicles has
70% of volume of semen
Duct of seminal vesicle joins form....
Ductus deferens, ejaculatory duct
Prostate conatins
Prostate specific antigen(PSA)
Prostate plays what role
Activation of sperm
Pea-sized glands inferior to prostate is what
Bulbourethral glands(coupers glands)
Bulbourethral glands(coupers glands) neutralizes
Traces of acidic urine in urethra
Parasympathetic response to erection
Enlargement and stiffening of penis from engorgement of erectile tissue w/ blood
Ejaculation is
Propulsion of semen from male duct system
Spermatogenesis is and when does it start
Production of sperm in seminiferous tubles of testes, puberty
Most body cells in spermatogenesis are
Diploid (2n)and contain 23 pairs of homologous chromosomes
What are mitiosis and what undergos is forming what
Germ cells , spermatogonia forming primary spermatocytes
Meiosis 1
Primary spermatocytes forming secondary spermatocytes
Meiosis 2
Secondary spermatocytes forming spermatids
Process of spermatids change to become spermatozoans (sperm)
Sertoli cells (sustentacular)
Large supporting cells
Role of sustentacular cells
Secrete testicular fluid into lumen for transport of sperm prevent sperm antigens from escaping into blood tight junction form blood testies barrier
Basal compartment
Spermatogonia and primary spermatpcytes
Adluminal compartment
Meiotically active cells and tubule lumen