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Science term 1

In English

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Colourful Hornet

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All atoms on the periodic table are elements. An element is a pure chemical substance made up of only one type of atom


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45 questions
Gold is a pure substance and bronze is a mixture (not pure)
Why gold is a pure substance and bronze is not
First, 2, second, 8, third, 8, fourth, 2
How many electrons can be in each shell and what order do they go in?
Metals, non-metals are poor heat conductors
Do metals or non-metals conduct heat well?
They lose electrons
What do metals do to become positive ions?
Do metals conduct electricity?
Which metal is not a solid?
Which non-metal can conduct electricity?
What side are Metals on the periodic table
Above with a plus of minus sign next to it
When you are telling us the number of electrons the atom has on the outer shell you put that number..
When you are telling us how many of the same atom are in a compound you put that number...
When they lose or gain electrons
How do atoms turn into ions
He =