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Science - Compounds and Mixtures

A short course covering the basics of compounds and mixtures. Ideal for students aged 9 upwards for revision, or for adults wishing to learn more on the subjects

In English
Science - Compounds and Mixtures

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Emma Begent-Cove

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What is the name for a solution that will not dissolve any more of a certain solute at a set temperature?


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46 questions
What is the definition of a mixture in terms of chemistry?
Substances that are not chemically joined together
What sometimes happens when you add a solid object to a liquid in chemistry?
The bonds holding the solid particles together break
What is the process follwed by the distillation method?
A mixture of liquid and solid is heated, cooled and condensed, allowing liquid and solid to be collected separately
What is the process followed by fractional distillation?
The mixture is heated to each substances boiling temperature, so each part is evaporated separately
What is the chromatography method an ideal use for?
Separating out different substances in an ink or dye
What is the process follwed by the chromatography method?
Putting a mixture on a stationary filter, and allowing the solvent to separate the different parts out, as they travel at different rates
What is the process follwed by the evaporation method?
Heating liquid until it turns to steam, leaving behind solids that were diluted in the liquid
What is the process followed by the filtration method?
Passing a liquid through a filter to remove insoluble parts
What are the for main methods used to separate mixtures?
Distillation, Chromatography, Evaporation and Filtration
What is the distillation method ideal for?
Collecting pure water from a mixture
What is the definition of a compound?
Two or more elements joined together