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What is an isotope???

An isotope is an element with more neutrons then protons

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48 questions
What is an isotope???
An isotope is an element with more neutrons then protons
What is electron configuration
Writing out the electrons on the shell(2,8,8,2)
What is atomic number
How many protons are in the atom
What is the mass number
The number of protons+neutrons
What are atoms made up of
Tiny subatomic particles called neutrons electrons and protons
What does the word subatomic mean
Subatomic means inside the atom
All atoms are neutral which means
There are the same amount of protons and electrons
What is nuclear formula?
The showing of the atomic and the mass number on the periodic table
What does periodic mean
At regular intervals
What era groups 1,2,7 and 8 called
1:alkali metals2:alkaline earth metals7:halogens8:noble gasses
How is the group number related to the elements
The group number is the number of elements in the outer shell of the elements
How do ions work
When they lose an electron they form a positively charged atom because there is 1 more protons then electrons same with electrons but negatively
What is an ionic bond
The force of an attraction between the ions( negative and positive) bonds the ions together(ionic bond) from the electrons moving from one to the other
A compound is when
2 atoms are chemically combined( has to be different element atoms)
A mixture is when
2 atoms of the same elements join together
What is our periodic table in order of
Of increasing atomic number