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Spanish Verb

In Spanish


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to drink\to take

Tomar (regular)

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Spanish Verb - Details



100 questions
To live
Vivir (regular)
To leave/ To abandon
Dejar (regular)
To follow\ to Continue
Seguir (stem Changing)
To find\ to encounter
Encontrar (stem changing)
To name\to call
Llemar ( regular)
To think
Pensar (regular)
To leave (go out)
Salir (stem changing)
To return
Volver (stem Changing)
To drink\to take
Tomar (regular)
To know (peopler/place)
Conocer (stem Changing)
To come
Venir (stem changing)
To feel (regret)
Sentir (regular)
To treat\ to handle
Tratar (regular)
To watch
Mirar (reular)
To count
Contar (regular)
To begin\to start
Empezar (regular)
To search
Buscar (regular)
To hope\to wait
Esperar (regular)
To exist
Existir (regular)
To say
Decir (stem Changing)
To have
Tener (irregular)
To do something/ To make
Hacer (irregular)
To can/ To be able
Poder (stem changing)
To carry/ to bring
Llevar (regular)
To go
Ir (irregular)
To see
Ver (irregular)
To give
Dar (irregular)
To know (information)
Saber (irregular)
To arrive/to come
Llegar (regular)
To speak
Hablar (regular)
To believe
Creer (regular)
To stay/to remain
Quedar (regular)
To seems/to appear
Parecer (stem Changing)
To put/ to place
Poner (Stem Changing)
To must/to owe
Deber (reuglar)
To happen/to pass
Pasar (regular)
To want, To love
Querer (stem changing)
To Enter
Entrar (regular)
To work
Trabajar (regular)
To write
Escribir (regular)
To lose
Perder (Stem Changing)
To produce
Producir (stem Changing)
To occur
Ocurrir ( regular)
To understand
Entender (regular)
To request
Pedir (stem changing)
To receive
Recibir (regular)
To remind\to remember
Recordar (regular)
To finish\to end
Terminar (regular)
To permit\to allow
Permitir (regular)
To appear\to show up
Aparecer (stem changing)
To get \ to obtain
Conseguir (stem changing)
To commence \ to begin
Comenzar (stem changing)
To serve
Servir (stem changing)
To need \ to require
Necesitar (Regular)
To maintain
Mantaner (stem changing)
To turn out
Resultar (stem changing)
To divide, to leave
Partir - REGULAR
To die
To suppose
To understand, comprehend
Comprender - REGULAR
To explain
Explicar - REGULAR
To ask, inquire
Preguntar - REGULAR
To recognize
To study
Estudiar - REGULAR
To reach, catch up
Alcanzar - REGULAR
To be born
To direct
Dirigir - REGULAR
To run
Correr - REGULAR
To use, utilize
Utilizar - REGULAR
To pay, pay for
To help
Ayudar - REGULAR
To please, be pleasing
Gustar - REGULAR
To listen, hear
Escuchar - REGULAR
To fulfil, carry out
Cumplir - REGULAR
To offer
To discover
Descubrir - REGULAR
To raise, to lift
To try, attempt
Intentar - REGULAR
To read
Leer - regular
To call
Caer - Reflexive
To change
Cambiar (regular)
To introduce
Presentar - regular
To creat
Crear -regular
Tto open
Abrir - regular
To consider
Considerar ( regular)
To hear
Oir (irregular)
To finish or to end
Acabar (regular)
To conver
Convertir (stem changing)