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Test 2

In English

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Dee Rah

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Final shape or structure of polypeptide chain

Protein Conformation

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49 questions
The R-Group.
Protein Side Chain
The gene that corresponds to the protein
What determines the primary structure
The two Cs one attached to Carboxyl one attached to anime group The H and CH3 are R's (H-N-H) -N-term (O=C-OH) C-Term
ON Dipeptide label the following: Two central carbons, N-term, C-term, two R groups (H-N-H)-(H-C-H)-(C=O)-(N-H)-(H-C-CH3)-(O=C-OH)
Phosphorylation Allosteric Inhibition GTP-Binding ATP Hydrolysis
What are 4 ways that protein function is regulated?
Their Gene Expression is different therefore the protein functions are different.
What makes one type of cell different from another even if they have the same genome?