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United States Immigration Test

In English


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What is the supreme law of the land?

The Constitution

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100 questions
What does the constitution do?
It defines the government
What is an amendment?
A addition or change to the constitution
What is ONE right or freedom from the first amendment?
*Freedom of speech *Freedom of religion *freedom of assembly *Freedom of the press *Freedom to petition the government
What did the Declaration of Independence do?
Announced our freedom from Great Britain
What are TWO rights in the Declaration of Independence?
1.Life 2.Liberty 3. Pursuit of happiness
What is freedom of religion?
Freedom to practice any religion or to not practice a religion
What is the economic system in the U.S?
1.Capitalist Economy 2. Market Economy
What is the rule of law?
No one is above the law Every one must follow the law
Name ONE branch of the government
1.Juditial 2.Executive 3.Legislative
What stops one branch of government from becoming too powerful?
1. checks and balances 2. Separation of power
Who makes federal laws?
1. Congress 2. Senate and the house 3. U.S or national legislature
What are the TWO parts of the U.S congrass?
The senate and the house of representatives
Who is one of your states senators now?
1.Thom Tillis 2.Richard Burr
Who does a U.S senator represent
The people of the state
Who vetoes bills
The president
What are TWO cabinet-level positions
1.Secretary of agriculture 7.Secretary of state 2.Secretary of commerce 8.Secretary of transportation 3. Secretary of defense 9.Secretary of treasury 4.Secretary of education 10.Secretary of home land security 5.Secretary of energy 11. Secretary of health & human service 6.Secretary of labor 12. Vice president
What does the Judicial branch do?
1.Reviews laws 2.Explains laws 3.Resolves Disputes 4.Decides if a law goes against the constitution
Under our constitution, some powers belong to the state. What is ONE power of the state?
1. To provide schooling/education 2. To provide protection (police) 3. To provide safety (fire dept) 4. Give license 5. To approve zoning/ land use
There are four amendments to the constitution about who can vote. Describe ONE
1. Must be 18 or older 2.Must be a citizen 3. You don't have to pay to vote
What is ONE responsibility that is only for U.S citizens?
1. Serving on a jury 2. Voting in a federal election
Name ONE right only for U.S citizens
1. Voting in a federal election 2. Running for federal office
What are TWO rights of everyone living in the U.S
1. Freedom of speech 2. Freedom of expression 3.Freedom of assembly 4.Freedom to petition the government 5. Freedom of religion 6.Freedom to bear arms
What is ONE promise you make when you become a U.S citizen
To give up loyalty to other countries To defend the constitution an laws of the U.S To obey the laws of the U.S To serve in the military if needed To serve the nation if needed To be loyal to the U.S
What are TWO ways that Americans can participate in their democracy
1.Vote 2.Join a political party 3.Help with a campaign 4. Join a civic group 5. Join a community group 6. Run for office 7. Write the newspaper
What is ONE reason colonist came to America?
1. Freedom 2. Political liberty 3.Religious Freedom 4. Economic problems 5.Practice their religion 6.Escape percecution
Why did the colonists fight the British
Because of high taxes (taxation without representation) Because the British army stayed in their homes Because there was no self government
There were 13 original states, name THREE
1. Maryland 9.New Hamphire 2.Delaware 10. Virginia 3.Pennsylvania 11. North Carolina 4.Massachusetts 12.South Carolina 5. Rhode Island 13. Georgia 6.Connecticut 7.New York 8. New Jersey
The federal papers supported the passage of the U.S constitution. Name ONE of the writers
1. James Maddison 2. Alexander Hamilton 3. John Jay 4.Publius
What is ONE thing Benjamin Franklin is famous for?
1. Hes a U.S diplomat Oldest member of the constitutional convention The writer of "Poor Richards almanac He started the 1st free libraries
Name ONE war fought by the U.S in the 1800s
1. War of 1812 2. Mexican-American war 3. The civil war 4. Spanish-American war
Name ONE problem that caused the civil war
1. Slavery 2.Economic Issues 3. States rights
What was ONE important thing Abraham Lincoln did
1. Freed the slaves 2. Saved the union 3. Led the U.S during the civil war
What did Susan B Anthony do?
Fought for woman's rights Fought for civil rights
Name ONE war fought by the U.S in the 1900s
1. World War 1 2. World War 2 3. Korean War 4. Vietnam War 5.Persian War
Who did the U.S fight in WW2
Japan, Germany and Italy
What did Martin Luther King Jr do?
Fought for civil rights Worked for equality for all Americans
What major event happened on September 11, 2001 in the U.S
Terrorist attacked the U.S Terrorist attacked the world trade center towers
Name ONE American Indian tribe in the U.S
1. Cherokee :) 9.Creek 2. Navajo 10. Blackfeet 3. Sioux 11.Seminole 4. Chippewa 12. Arawak 5.Choctaw 13.Shawnee 6.Pueblo 14. Mohegan 7.Apache 15.Lakota 8. Iroquis 16. Crow
Name ONE of the two longest rivers in the U.S
Mississippi River Missouri River
Name ONE of the U.S territories
1. Puerto Rico 2. U.S virgin Island 3.American samoa 4. North Mariana Islands 5. Guam
Name ONE state that boarders Canada
Alaska New York North Dakota Ohio Washington State Maine Vermont New Hampshire Michigan Minnesota
Name ONE state that boarders Mexico
Texas New Mexico California Arizona
Where is the statue of liberty
New York Harbor Liberty Island
Why does the flag have 13 stripes
To represent the 13 original colonies
Why does the flag have 50 stars
Because there are 50 states
Name TWO national U.S holidays
New Years day Christmas Columbus day Thanksgiving Veterans day Independence day Martin Luther King day Presidents day Memorial day Labor day