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We Were Liars

In English


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Since the purpose of using repetition is to reinforce an idea, she is reinforcing the idea of what they are NOT. Which makes us think of why didn´t she reinforce the idea of what they ARE

Justify the use of repetition by the narrator to state what the Sinclairs were not like.

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50 questions
Beechwood Island is her summertime place and her permanent residence is in Burlington, Vermont.
What is the narrator’s summertime place and what is her permanent residence?
Cadence Sinclair, the first grandchild of the Sinclairs.
From whose point of view is the story being narrated?
She is nearly 18.
How old is the narrator when she starts telling us about the story?
She is nearly 18.
How old is the narrator when she starts telling us about the story?
She means that she doesn't get along well with foolish attitudes.
What does the narrator mean when she says “Do not suffer fools” (E. Lockhart, 2014)?
Hyperbole and metaphor
What is/are the literary figure(s) that the narrator makes use of to tell us about the experience of being abandoned by her father? (chapter 2).
Martha's vineyard and the Ivy League Schools. They are mentioned as a reference of how exclusive was their social standards.
In chapter 3, the narrator mentions some prominent institutions in the USA. What is the purpose?
Theme: identities - subtheme: lifestyles
"The Sinclair daughters were sunburnt and blessed. Tall, merry, and rich, those girls were like princesses in a fairy tale" (E. Lockhart, 2014). To which theme is this quote making reference of?
They are uncle and nephew.
What is the relation between Ed and Gat?
He was 8 or about.
How old was Gat when his father passed on?
A video game that was released in 2009.
There is clear evidence that the setting of this coming of age novel is present days. What is the technological evidence given in chapter 5?
Imagery of smell and sight.
What is or are the literary figures used by Cadence in chapter 6 to show how love has stroke her?
The precribed theme is Sharing the planet more specifically the subtheme urban and rural environment.
To which of the 5 prescribed themes are we being exposed when we read the dialogue the Liars have about owning limit of land in chapter 7?
She uses this simile to portray the happines she could sense in the moment she was with Gat.
Why did Cadence use this phrase? "So many stars, it seemed like a celebration, a grand, illicit party the galaxy"
Of course. He is in a sentimental relationship with Raquel, a girl in NYC. Giving hopes of a realtionship with Cadence is not of a good person.
“I am not sure I’m a good person,” Can we consider these Gat's words a foreshadow of what might happen between him and Cadence?
In Windmere's attic
Where did Gat and Cadence's first kiss take place?
Overall, paradox, but if the whole quote is broken don into smaller phrase, then another literary device appear, oxymoron
"Our kiss was electric and soft, and tentative and certain, terrifying and exactly right. I felt the love rush from me to Gat and from Gat to me. We were warm and shivering, and young and ancient, and alive." What literary device is being used here?
Maybe he means that Gat must be careful and not mess up with the first granddaughter of the SInclair family.
“Watch yourself, young man,” said Granddad, sharp and sudden. What is the implied significance of these words?
8 month before summer 15.
When did granny Tipper die?
She refers to Gat in this way because in spite of the fact that he had shared with them nearly 7 years, he was still reluctant to act the same way that they did.
!He was a stranger in our family, even after all those years." To whom did she refer in this line? Why did she say so?
Sad mood
What is mainly the mood of chapter 12?
Cadence'd health is not in good conditions at all.
What is the main idea portrayed in chapter 13?
She went to Europe wihth her father.
Where did she go in summer 16?
The house did not have internet connection for it has not been wired.
What was the reason for the liars not to answer Cadence's mails?