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Women's Health

In English

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Pristine Noodle

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PALM-COEIN Polyps, Adenomyosis, Leiomyomas, Malignancy, Coagulopathy, Ovulatory dysfunction, Endometrial, Infection/Iatrogenic

What are the causes of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding?

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61 questions
Repeat cotest in 12 mo or test for HPV 16&18
How do you manage + HPV and - Pap
How to you manage + HPV and ASCUS
Women > 65, or total hysterectomy
When do you stop screening for cervical cancer?
If pt > 40 need endometrial Bx.
How do you manage endometrial cells on Pap?
Repeat in 3 years. Low risk of progression 0.28%
How do you manage ASCUS with -HPV
Ovaria cyst or ectopic pregnancy
What are the causes of adenexal mass in premenopausal women?
Sexually active women < 25
Who do you screen for STI?
Receptive anal: .5-3% Vaginal: .1-.2% Oral < .1%
What is HIV risk for sexual assault?
IUD > 99 % Implants ( Implanon and Nexpalnon) Surgical sterilization Abstinence
What are the most effective methods of contraception?
OCP, Injectables Depo Provera), Vaginal ring ( Nuvaring), Patch ( Ortho Evra)
What are the other effective methods of contraception (1-99%)?
< 35 mcg Estradiol
OCP estrogen: what is the highest dose can use ?