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Rebecca Lawrence

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international civil aviation organization

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41 questions
International civil aviation organization
Annex 17
The guidelines to the rules and regulations of ICAO
Doc 8973
Our rules and regulations
CAA 1990
Civil aviation act 1990
CAA 1990 s54
The offences in a security area/SEA
CAA 1990 s84
The authority to deal with CAA 1990 s54
CAA 1990 s51
The offence of trespass for any unlawful entering of an aerodrome
CAA 1990 s65 I, L, M, N, O
Unruly pax. intoxicated, portable electronic devices, seat/seatbelt, smoking, DGS
CAA 1990 s80
The functions and duties of an ASO
CAA 1990 s24
ASO's power of entry
CAA1990 s55
Impersonating or obstruction of an ASO
CAA 1990 s56
False info
CAA 1990 s65 I,L,M,N,O fines
1000, 600, 500, 500, 500, 500
CAA 1990 s80A
CAA 1990 s80B
Prohibited items
CAA 1990 s80I
Protection of an ASO
CAA 1990 s85
ASO's power of arrest - ACA 1972 sections 3,4,5,5A, 11 and Arms Act 1973 section 45
ACA 1972
Aviation Crimes Act 1972
ACA 1972 section 4
Assisting hijacking
ACA 1972 section 5
Crimes related to aircraft
ACA 1972 section 5A
Crimes relating to ITB
ACA 1972 section 11
AWIFEI into a sterile area/on board an aircraft
ACA 1972 section 12
ASO must gain consent before carrying out a search.
Civil Aviation Rules
CAR part 19.7
Intoxicated crew member
CAR Part 19.9
ASO's control of access
CAR Part 19.353
Giving AWIFEI to screened person
CAR Part 19.355
Prohibitions; open doors, gates and barriers
CAR Part 19.359
Airlines must be told prisoners are on board
CAR Part 91.9
Firearm rules
CA 1961
Crimes Act 1961
CA 1961 s35
Citizens arrest
CA 1961 s56
ASOs power of trespassing
CA 1961 s157
Negligence of duty
CA 1961 s269
Intentional damage
CA 1961 s270
Endangering transport
NZ BOR 1990
NZ Bill of Rights 1990
Arms Act 1983 s45
Unlawful possession of a firearm