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World history (food)

In English

Created by:
Kat Roy

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C. 2.6 million BCE - 10,000 BCE

Paleolithic period

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World history (food) - Details



51 questions
Sumer and Egypt around 3100 BCE
Where was the 1st irrigation system recorded?
Brewing beer Fishing Religious monuments
3 reasons for the shift in nomadic living (hunter gatherers) to settlements/villages
Uruk, Sumer (4000 BCE - 634 CE)
What was the first major city?
Wolves Goats Sheep Pigs Cows
What were some of the first domesticated animals?
Europe India China Japan
Where was feudalism prominent?
2.3 million
About how many Americans do food deserts affect?
Roasting over open fire Pit boiling
Earliest cooking methods
Drying Salting Brining
Name 3 early preservation methods
Helped the cans heat up more when added to water which made the process faster
How did Calcium Chloride help preserve canned goods?
About 1/4 - 1/3
How much food produced is wasted world wide?
7800 BCE in southwest Asia (domestic wheat)
Where was artificial selection first seen?