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Help with speaking mode

Academia Sofía
Academia Sofía
New Entrant

Level: 14
Streak: 1
Dear Memory team, thanks for your great job. However I would like you to help me with the issue raised when using the speaking mode, basically the problem is that after 15 words you speak out the app starts to fail at recognizing the audio, it makes the audio like jumping and doesn't allow it to recognize anymore. After it even a simple word is not recognized. I would appreciate so much if you fix it out. Thank you very much and God bless you.


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Fender Tremolo
Fender Tremolo
Using MEMORY to learn Spanish. Pienso que mi habilidad actual es promedio...

Level: 24
Streak: 0
I think we found this bug (finally). Certain browsers would refuse microphone access after a certain memory limit. We fixed it on both the live version and canary -- please report back if you still have this issue.
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