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Forum: General Questions
A good hidden memory suddenly resurfaced

Viren Olson
Viren Olson
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A couple of years ago, I re-met someone from my childhood that I had completely forgotten about. He was a boy a bit older than me, and I had a little girl crush on him. Obviously nothing came of it, and we didn't see each other for over 20 years. I had completely forgotten about him. Not one thought. Then I went for a job application, and he was the one who gave me the application. I was immediately shocked. It was him! I was like oh my gosh do you remember me?! It took him a minute but he was like ohhhh yeah! You're Sandy's little girl right?. Anyway, we're both divorced with children and after awhile of re-knowing each other, we recently started seeing each other. I guess my question is this- where are the repressed GOOD memories stored in the brain? And how can they just come rushing back after so many years? I have only been able to find information on repressed trauma (of which I've had plenty of) but nothing on repressed positive memories. Any info would be appreciated, thanks!


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