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Beginner's Guide. Answers to most of my questions

Jake Billingsly
Jake Billingsly
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Level: 10
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Here's what I've figured out how to do. INDEX Warning: Accidental Course Deletion Hit the "X" Basic Navigation -add flashcards/make a course -add flashcards to an EXISTING set/course -increase your flashcard-per level limit to 200 -review cards -learn cards -practice -due questions -edit your goals/targets Warning: Accidental Course Deletion** . It's easy to accidentally delete your courses. There is a button that says "hide this course" under "practice all due questions" on your "dashboard." Unfortunately right by it is a trash can, which I believe deletes your course. (Additionally I have not found a way to unhide a course once you have hidden it. There's a way to find the information, but be cautious with that. Second location: There is also a risk of deleting the course if you made it. To do so, you go to the menu in the upper left corener, "create course", choose edit (in green next to the course name), then settings(near the top). The delete button is large and red but can accidentally be hit while scrolling down. ... Fix: Courses are not apparently recoverable, however you can protect your course from both deletion and editing by going to the course's settings. (Menu in upper left corner, "create course," click "edit" by the course name, click "settings" near the top.) Scroll all the way to the bottom of the settings page (just above the "start course" button) and use the toggle to protect your course. This will, however, also prevent edits. General tip: hit the x** There are many times on the site, where having chosen one button before will cover the other options the next time you visit that course. (Ex. "course settings" will cover the flashcards you might want to edit. ... If there is an "x" button centered on your screen, and you can't find a link, hit the "x." Basic Navigation** To add flashcards: Go to the menu icon in the upper left corner, select "create course," from the menu, click "create new course." Select " the same language," or "different languages." You'll choose the course, title and the language(s) to be used. Click "create new course." It will ask you to add some more information. Then scroll UP and CLICK THE "X CLOSE SETTINGS" so that you can see the option to make flashcards towards the bottom of the screen. There is an option to organize your cards for the course into levels and chapters. You can click the "add level" button or click the green drop-down "Level:Level 1" to add a chapter. After that, it should be a little more self explanatory. To add flashcards to an existing course Go to the menu in the upper left corner, then "create course," if necessary scroll down, find the name of the course, click "edit" beside the course name. A new page will open. Scroll to the bottom and click "+ add new question." You can only ads 100 cards to a level. After that, it will appear to be frozen and fail to present a new card for you to fill out. To add 200 cards to a level: If you would like to be able to add up to 200 cards to levels in that course: From the dashboard of the course go to "settings" at the top, then "extra settings" below the popups and about seven buttons down. Scroll down farther. The option to expand to 200 should be in the 6th of about 7 boxes. Toggle the switch over to change your settings. Review cards: There are three ways to practice cards "learn, practice, due flashcards." You have to "learn" the flashcards before you can review them anywhere else. Click the menu, "create course," "start" (by the appropriate course name). [Note: If "start" is greyed out, see the section on adding flashcards-you must add at least 5 flashcards for the "start button to be useable. ] After you've clicked start, and have been brought to a new page, scroll down to just under "edit course" and the 5 stars. If there is an "X close" right under that, click it. This will only be open of you've already accessed another section, such as "practice." Under "learn new questions," I would suggest going to the section "specific modes" then clicking on the button "flashcards." Then "learn with flashcards." Click on one of the circles towards the bottom as long as it has more than 0 questions. Click "learn new questions" and start studying. ... To learn from a new level, do at least one set of learning from the set it first pulls up. When you're done with the set, under the button "continue learning level" it will have another button "switch level." I do not know why but I do not seem to get an option to change levels until I have gone through one round of whatever I was practicing last. If you don't have additional levels, see the section on adding your first flashcards to add additional levels, if desired. [Note: even when you have successfully switched to a new group, it often starts with review from cards you've already learned in that lesson.] ... To practice flashcards: If, slightly under "edit course" and the 5 stars, there is an "X close" button, click that. At about the same spot a button labeled "practice" will apeear. Click that and follow the instructions from there. ... To practice questions "due" Go to the menu in the upper left corner, click "dashboard," then "due courses" close to the top, scroll down and click " practice all due questions" under the course you want to practice the questions for. (It will not force you to do any more than you do during practice and will only relate to the course displayed, not literally all of the cards for all of the courses. Edit Targets How to edit your goals/targets: Go to menu in the upper left corner, click, click "dashboard," scroll down to just above the bottom banner (the banner says "memory and popular"). ... Above the bottom banner, you'll see "Daily Targets." There will be an image of grey pencil below the title. Click the pencil. A window will open and you can edit youe targets there. (I figured that I'd share my knowledge since this site is quite intricate, although you may tend to figure some of these out by the time you find the forums. ) Alphabetized Index (TBC)


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