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Accessing chapters

Nichole Wilson
Nichole Wilson
New Entrant

Level: 11
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I would like to be able to pick which chapters I am studying. The layout of this website makes it difficult for me to choose which one I need. I split things into chapters hoping it would be easier to access and go back to when needed however, I find it hard to access the chapter that is not currently being "studied." Ex. I'm stuck on chapter 1. It expects me to finish everything here before allowing me to access chapter 2. I want to study chapter 2 because I've already taken the test for my real class and now the information and study materials I need are in chapter two and there does not appear to be a way for me to access them.


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Fender Tremolo
Fender Tremolo
Using MEMORY to learn Spanish. Pienso que mi habilidad actual es promedio...

Level: 24
Streak: 6
Did you link / route the chapters? If you route them, they will be opened in sequential order - you will need to pass chapter 1 before unlocking 2. If you remove the links (or don't add them in the first place), all chapters and levels should be 'unlocked' by default. If I have misunderstood the problem let me know
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