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Adding variants while using the import mode

"Whether I win or lose is up to me." — Akise Aru

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The import mode allows for separating the questions and answers with a /tab or comma, but situations arise where multiple variants are needed. Therefore, I propose the option of adding variants after the second (third, fourth, etc.) tabulator. For instance, when learning a question with two simultaneous answers, one must manually add e.g. "blue, red" and the variant "red, blue" to remember the answer without focusing on the order. And this is manageable. However, when the answer consists of more than two options, a problem arises: one either has to type in a factorial of options, or has to remember the correct order, which diminishes both the productivity and quality of learning. Introducing the ability to add variants through import mode would be highly beneficial to those who learn not only languages, but also definitions from other fields. Users would include every possible order of answers in a manner that would not require their time, as they would be able to previously generate the factorial of orders with an AI such as ChatGPT without the need to type everything in separately. This would provide users with a more comfortable way of adding their definitions and with better outcomes of studying, especially when learning through the typing mode.


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