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Free Course Certification

Sumaira Kousar
Sumaira Kousar
New Entrant

Level: 6
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I've been a member of this site for a year and after exploring many sites I've come back to this. it is a great platform for users to interact and learn/teach others, one that is unique and quite different from others. however, my suggestion is to add free course certification once a user finishes a course or something like a study report that acts as proof that you have been a part of this site. even if it's not official something that you can show others and/or keep as a reminder. an e-certificate in pdf or printable form. this is my kind request to look into my suggestion and give a thought towards my initiative. thank you


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Fender Tremolo
Fender Tremolo
Using MEMORY to learn Spanish. Pienso que mi habilidad actual es promedio...

Level: 24
Streak: 6
Hi, it's a good idea. We are considering this; the problem that springs to mind is: How to determine if a user has "completed" a course? e.g. each question correct 5 (or X) times, what if they had 10% accuracy, or 90% ? Same 'certificate' ? It's a great idea; we have considered it; we just don't want to be giving out "Mickey mouse" certificates - I hope you understand my candid explanation.
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