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Forum: Suggestions / Ideas
Suggestion of Combination of Modes in One (listening, typing and multiple choice)

Marcos Galvão Fernandes
Marcos Galvão Fernandes
New Entrant

Level: 19
Streak: 0
Hi! I am learning English and Mandarim using Memory. It would be very nice if I see here a mode that includes listening and type what I hear, and after that, in the same mode, I choose the correct translation for that. That would be a combination with listening, type and choose in the same mode. For exemple: The system say Hi!, than I type what I hear: Hi!, after that I choose, amoung the options, the correct tranlation to my mother tongue: 1 - Tchau! 2 - Oi! 3 - Bom dia! 4 - Adeus! (the correct option is 2 - Oi!). By this way, the system will avaluate my capacity of listening, writing and translate at the same time. Thank you kindly for receiving my suggestion! Bye bye! : )


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