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whats your favourite memory type app?

Tarry Mask
Tarry Mask
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HOPE THIS POST IS ALLOWED COMPETITOR TALK INCLUDED Wondering what other systems people use that are easy to import export to memory? We have used quizlet, brainscape, cram. Import / export with quizlet is great. Not brainscape. We can't figure our Cram out much but it looks good. When I studied alone for my exam I used Anki but I am leaning more towards these web app versions. Any other sites which allow us to try both out to find the right solution?


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Memory Support
Memory Support
I try my best to answer all your problems.

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No problems discussing "competitors" (we don't really have competitors as such as we are free), any other learning system can gladly be named on these forums. We do have an internal policy to avoid looking at other platforms with the ideology of wanting to innovate without bias. But let us know your experience on any other platform and we will have a look. Clearly, we will always be missing tricks!
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