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Memorize vs Memorise Spelling - UK vs USA spelling

It has been pointed out on several occasions that we have inconsistent delivery of the verb "to memorise/memorize". Whilst mostly operates from London, UK, we have several remote workers in other territories. MEMORY is consistent mostly of developers, and benefits from the benefit of remote working, especially with all the lockdowns in 2020. Typically, those who learn English as a foreign language will learn the USA variant. This assumption is backed by Google Insights and other vocabulary usage tools. The ideal solution is to make it so 1) UK/GBP residents see "Memorise" and, either selectively or broadly, those in the EU, USA, Australia. The other solution is to pick one and stick with it. It may seem a moot point, but the intricacies of the English language - and the way it is simply not phonetic - makes us lean towards leaning towards the "mixed up approach"! PS. What's interesting: Australia officially changed their usage of the term to "MemoriSe". Yet, in some French, German and other textbooks we read, we see MemoriZe. Learning English is often done by assimilation. Perhaps the confusion is beneficial to those learning English? As the authority on the word "MEMORY", perhaps we should be authoritative - but we cannot deny the USA influence on what seems unnatural to us. If you're learning English - don't worry - either should be accepted unless your examiner is particularly judging you on your geographical variance of English. Learning English is hard - without the phonetic background, we have tremendous respect for those who are willing to make the effort to learn its huge vocabulary, "gotchas" and nuances. Keep learning until you MemoriS/Ze them all!

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