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Choose the questions you wish to study and more features

Choose the questions you wish to study and more features
CHANGE LOG - You can now select which questions to study before starting a level. This is available in the popup when you select a level on the questions page. NOTE: courses with only 1 level currently do NOT support this functionality. You must have at least 2 levels to not skip the tree screen. - Added help / guided tour to user settings - button is visible in the top right - User settings now start off condensed, with an option to show advanced settings for advanced users - Fixed changing languages of a course - certain courses would not allow the language change to be performed - Added Resync Due Questions functionality to settings -- if a user adjusts their days next due count, this will now cap all previously answered questions to this number. - XP is now significantly reduced for answering the same questions and any questions that are not due for practice. Fixes - Fixed clock questions crashing on certain questions if the time is in incorrect format - Fixed user settings showing SAVED after an update - Fixed an error with Max Questions Due showing incorrect percentage on the targets bar - Overall modifications to XP calulations - Fixed auto iding of pusher notifications - Improved help in learning mode - points out hint button and audio play button