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Classrooms, OCR, new features and more

Classrooms, OCR, new features and more
CHANGE LOG Features - Classrooms - all users can now create classrooms and invite other users - Added OCR - you can now create questions and answers by photograph - click the bulk import button - Added option to hide leaderboard for your course - this will hide it from all pages including dashboard and mid play - Added option to hide recommendations on the course dashboard area - Added new facility to report courses from the course dashboard for offensive content - Added option to enable / disable reading aloud of words in brackets - since some users ask for with and others without, we have made this an option in Audio Settings Tweaks - Improved accuracy of time spent learning to further take into account time between questions Fixes - Fixed a bug where, after questions have been reordered, using bulk import subsequently would add them at the top, rather than the bottom. They are now inserted in the correct order. - Fixed flashcard swipe mode audio icon from being above the flashcard - Fixed download PDF print icon in Safari - Font color fixes in dark mode during learning - Disabled discounting of XP when a level is deleted. Now, even if a user deletes questions, levels or the entire course, XP will be retained.