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New features - August 2020

New features - August 2020
The August 2020 update added many features. We tried to ensure previous courses are impacted as minimally as possible to ensure continuity. Below is a brief overview of a few of the core additions:

Ability to swap your questions

- All questions/answers can now be swapped - so you can answer your questions in reverse. i.e. Answer with the question, instead of the answer - there is no longer a need to create 2 questions. - Note that 'reversed' questions no longer apply. All questions are answerable in both directions.

Pictorial multiple choice

- If your course has enough images, certain questions will now be served with the picture in multiple choice mode.

Level completion

- Previously, a level would become unlocked after answering questions once. It is now twice. This doesn't affect typical Memory users, but casual users are likely to gain a more realistic sense of progression.

Mark your answers as correct

- We have tried to avoid adding this feature in search of an AI solution, but it's a common feature on spaced repetition sites - we endeavoured to solve it without this, but no amount of AI can account for the variance in human input. It has been our most popular request for too long. Sometimes, the course owner makes a mistake. And valid answers aren't accepted. Now, if you are sure you are correct when the system says you are wrong, you can mark your answer as correct and it will be accepted in the future. You can remove these in your user settings. If you are a course owner, you can disable this to stop users cheating. If playing your own course, it is best to add the answer as an accepted answer rather than using the "my answer was right" functionality - that way, it applies to all users.

Removal of 5 question minimum for levels

- Older courses with less than 5 questions in levels can now be played.

Review questions in level

- Added the ability to review questions before starting levels

Reset your progress

- You can now reset your progress back to 0 for any course

View other users who have completed a course + more stats

You can now see all users who have completed a course from the course dashboard You can also view statistics more granularly from the main dashboard and course dashboard

More configuration

We have now exposed many other settings to users. Rather than appeal to the most popular cohort, in spirit of Memory's aim to be a configurarly platform, you can now select settings such as practice frequency and typing difficulty. The course owner can override these where needed.