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New Features, new Version: 2021

New Features, new Version: 2021
We have been quiet developing many new features. In the UPCOMING release, please see a brief list of some of the updates. PLEASE NOTE: these features are not available until at least version 4.0 is live. If you are not yet migrated, you can visit: NEW: - New tweaks to question types in SMART mode, Typing and Listening - intelligently deploy harder question times based on session performance - Certain new features REQUIRE a modern browser now. Older browsers are not supported with Memory - Added a main site "drawer" to replace the default navigation - Added quick practice last mode to "Courses due" screen - Improved performance and speed when clicking around screens on the site - Drag and drop questions into different levels by dragging in CARD view - Added bonus to XP for users using longer question batches, e.g. more XP for using 40 batch vs 10 - Made XP display more visible - Create course changes: Faster loading, more editing modes, new level navigator, drag and drop to reorder questions, drag questions into other levels FEATURES: - NEW: Auto Advance: Added an "Auto advance" option to user settings to automatically go to the next question. Visit Settings whilst learning, and click "Visual" - Filter questions whilst editing levels, including in default view - Drag questions into other chapters (in addition to just levels) FIXES: - Fixed issue where Leitner boxes are not highlighted correctly in practice mode