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New languages and speakers

New languages and speakers
We apologise, but over the past 3 days, we had an issue with Chinese courses loading. This has now been fixed. We have added some new features to Memory:

Added support for new languages

- Filipino (Tagalog) - Gujarti - Vietnamese We are adding more languages over the next few days as we test them. We have also made the following improvements:

Added many more speakers for many languages

We now save your speaker selections for all languages - if you logout, they will be remembered You can also see the country and the gender of the voice you are selecting You may be able to choose voices which have your own native accent, e.g. we now offer Indian, Australian and Welsh accents for English - as well as English and American, and now Mexican for Spanish You now have the option to choose a random speaker - it will give you a different voice each time - this is great for listening practice