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people who were most physiologically reactive to sudden loud noise were more likely to want the death penalty. This implies that .... characteristics are important in predisposing us towards certain attitudes.Inherited
The four features of the Theory of Planned Behaviour are...subjective norms, specific behaviour, perception of control, intentions
attitudes are stronger when they....directly affect own interests, reflects deeply held views, affects friends, family
Ian does not like people who litter on public property. he sees someone littering but does not say anything. What factors may have lead to him deciding to act on his dislike?if the litterer had been someone he knew, therefore increasing perception of control
the central route involves persuasion through... whilst the peripheral route involves persuasion through....critical thinking; characteristics of the speaker
A homeless man said to the woman that climate change was near and she did not take it seriously, however when her friend, a scientist, said it she became quite worried. She listened to the scientist because he has greater...credibility
.... in the outcome of a message leads people to more often choose the .... routepersonal involvement; central
a study found that University students were more supportive of Bush's politics after being reminded of their own mortality. This is an example of .. leading to persuasionfear arousal
a person in a positive mood is more likely to engage with ... messages that will maintain their current mood statepositive
Abraham is a person that likes to read in depth information related to his personal choices and attitudes. He has a high...Need for Cognition
high .... are more responsive to image cues to image cues then informational cuesself-monitors
the prisoners responded better to policy changes that emphasised 'prisoner growth and improvement' rather then 'prisoner security and protection'. The prisoners are more ....promotion-oriented
inoculation hypothesisprotecting attitudes like protecting body against diseases, weak doses will build a body's defense mechanisms
psychological reactanceresisting attempts by someone else to persuade us
peoples attitudes can be changed through behaviour patterns, this is the theory of ...role playing
Festinger's cognitive dissonance theoryif behaviour-attitude discrepancy, people motivated to restore equilibrium
when participants are given $1 to promote an activity they initially dislike, they are more likely to report liking then if they are given $20 to promote it, this is because they have ...insufficient justification
participants who endured a severe initiation reported liking a dull sex discussion more then those who endured a mild initiation. This is because people feel the need to.... for doing somethingjustify the effort
when faced with two desirable alternatives, whatever we chose we will emphasise the positive and whatever we didn't chose we will emphasise the negative. This is a way to ...reduce dissonance
John had to help his dad at his work which he hated doing, his dad kept him for 5 hours but was pretty sure he was only there for 3. This shows that dissonance can create...perceptual ramifications
Cooper and Fazio- four steps to achieving dissonancenegative consequence, personal responsibility, arousal, attribution of arousal
daryl Bem's self-perception theory differs from Dissonance theory as it does not require.... but instead believes people reflectively infer....internal arousal; ambiguous attitudes from behaviour
impression managementpeople only want to appear consistent
self-esteem theorypeople with high self-esteem more likely to change attitudes after discrepant behaviour
self-affirmation theorypeople desire self-esteem to be affirmed
participants who received a positive personality assessment did not feel the need to reduce ...cognitive dissonance