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CacciniWho composed Vedro 'l mio sol?
ca. 1590When was Vedro 'l mio sol composed?
Solo madrigalWhat genre is Vedro 'l mio sol?
text setting is through composed rapid repetition of the same pitch called trilliWhat are two stylistic features for Vedro 'l mio sol?
1601When was Vedro 'l mio sol published?
Florentine CamerataCaccini was a member of what?
MonteverdiWho composed Cruda Amarilli?
L'euridiceWhat opera is Aria: Nel pur ardor from?
Jacopo PeriWho composed L'Euridice?
OperaWhat genre is L'Euridice?
1605What date was Cruda Amarilli composed?
MadrigalWhat genre is Cruda Amarilli?
Dissonance Broke counterpoint rulesWhat are two stylistic features of Cruda Amarilli?
MonteverdiWho composed Lamento della ninfa?
MadrigalWhat genre is Lamento della ninfa?
1638When was Lamento della ninfa composed?
6-7 measure phrases in melody overlap 4 measure bass phrases vocal melody: distress through strong dissonancesWhat are two stylistic features of Lamento della ninfa
L'EuridiceWhich opera is Dialogue en recitative: Per quell vago boschetto from?
Jacopo PeriWho composed Nel pur ardor?
Strophic form instrumental ritornello follows each stanzaWhat are two stylistic features of Nel pur ardor?
1600When was L'euridice composed?
L'EuridiceWhat opera is Per quell vago boschetto from?
Expressive recitative Narrative recitativeWhat are two stylistic features of Per quell vago boschetto?
MonteverdiWho composed L'Orfeo?
L'orfeoWhat opera is Vi ricorda o boschi ambrosi from?
1607When was L'Orfeo composed?
OperaWhat genre is L'Orfeo
Stanzas vary to reflect text Hemiola rhythmsWhat are two stylistic features of Vi ricorda o boschi ambrosi?
L'OrfeoWhat opera is Tu se' morta from?
MonteverdiWho composed Tu se' morta?
1607When was Tu se' morta composed?
Very lyrical for a recitativeWhat are two stylistic features for Tu se' morta?
L'OrfeoWhat opera is Ahi, caso acerbo from?
Intense drama Expressive text-settingWhat are two stylistic features of Ahi, caso acerbo?
MonteverdiWho composed L'incoronazione di Poppea?
L'incoronazione de PoppeaWhat opera is Signor, deh, non partire from?
Historical charactersL'incoronazione di Poppea is based on
Giovanni Francesco BusenelloLibretto of L'incoronazione di Poppea is by
MonodyFlorentine camerata experimented with
DafneOne of the first operas was
Jacopo PeriWho composed Dafne?
1600-1750What date is the baroque period?
1567-1643Claudio Monteverdi
Cremona ItalyMonteverdi was born where?
MonteverdiWho served the Duke of Mantua?
MadrigalMonteverdi was known for transforming the...
Zarlino and PalestrinaSecond Practice was associated with
ZarlinoRules for the Second Practice were described in whose book?
MonteverdiWhich composer became a priest in 1632
Allesandro StriggioLibretto for L'Orefeo is by
good job meHere's a bonus point because you should be proud of yourself for studying!! answer is: good job me
TrueTrue or false? Jacopo Peri Composed L'Euridice
MadrigalIs Cruda Amarilli an opera or madrigal?
Vedro 'l mio solWhat is the title of the solo madrigal by Caccini?
Nel pur ardorWhat is the title of the Aria from L'Euridice by Jacopo Peri?
Per quell vago boschetto is from which opera?L'Euridice
Is L'Euridice an Opera?Yes
What is the name of the Dialogue en recitative from L'Euridice?Per quell vago boschetto
What is rapid repetition of the same pitch called?Trilli
LibrettoLiterary text for an opera or other musical stage work
What is Monteverdi's first name?Claudio
Which instrument did Monteverdi play?Viola
In Monteverdi's second practice, music was the servant to what?The words
The second practice's role was toheighten the meaning and power of the words
True or false? In the second practice, dissonance could be used more freelyTrue
The second practice is associated with which composer?Monteverdi
Which opera's story demonstrates music’s power to move the emotionsL'Euridice
Which is the oldest surviving complete opera?L'Euridice
A group of humanists, musicians, poets and intellectuals in late Renaissance Florence who gathered under the patronage of Count Giovanni de' Bardi to discuss and guide trends in the arts, especially music and drama.Florentine Camerata
Who was the host of the Florentine Camerata?Count Giovanni de' Bardi
Count Giovanni de' Bardi was the host of the...Florentine Camerata
Composer/viol/viola playerMonteverdi
What are two new developments in the Baroque?Monody Monteverdi’s “Second Practice”
CacciniComposer of Le nuove musiche
Florentine CamerataVincentio Galilei was a member of the
Who was the author of Dialogo della musica antica and della moderna?Galilei
Who attacked vocal counterpointGalilei
Who argued for a single melody line with natural speech inflectionsGalilei
Consisted of Bardi, Galilei, Caccini and MeiFlorentine Camerata
Where was the Florentine Camerata centered in?Florence
True or false? The Florentine Camerata concluded that a single melody line could express the emotion and meaning of the words better than multiple voices?True
Strophic song Rhythmic and tuneful Introduced by a brief sinfonia Each stanza is followed by an instrumental ritornelloNel pur ardor
L'EuridiceMusic by Jacopo Peri; Pastoral drama by Ottavio Rinuccini
True or false? the forerunners of opera were Ancient Greek dramas and Theatre in Middle AgesTrue
Zarlino was associated with theSecond practice
Baroque music centered onOpera
BaroqueName comes from a mis-shapen pearl
L'Orfeo was influenced byMadrigals
Poppea is Nero'sLover
RomeNero is the emperor of
Ottavia is Nero'sWife
Which is "Nero" fromL’incoronazione di Poppea
TrueTrue or false? Nero is a castrato role
between a recitative and an ariarecitativo arioso
Who composed L'EuridiceJacopo Peri
The composer of L'Orfeo isMonteverdi
Which country was Monteverdi born inItaly
Which composer wrote the opera that Ottavia is in?Monteverdi
Italian opera composer, wrote L'OrfeoMonteverdi
Tu se' mortaVery lyrical for a recitative