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level questions: Level 1

Decreased red blood cellsAnemia
Increased red blood cellsPolycythemia
Blood clottingHemostasis
Maintaining dynamic balance within the bodyHomeostasis
Production of blood cells and plateletsHemopoiesis
Increased white blood cellsLeukemia
Decreased white blood cellsLeukopenia
Major blood lossHemorrhage
Low tissue oxygenationCyanosis
Free floating clot in the blood streamEmbolus
Fixed clotThrombus
Clotting factor 4Calcium
Measure of the percentage of red blood cellsHematocrit
Inability to clotHemophilia
Hemoglobin s-HbsSickle cell anemia
Transportation of oxygen, Co2, nutrients, waste productsErythorcytes
Hemostasis, decrease blood loss, blood clotting, mediators promoting vascular spasm.Platelets
Initial inflammatory response, phagocytic properties, production of free radicalsNeutrophils
Heparin, histamine, intensify inflammatory responseBasophils
Allergic response, combats the effects of histamineEosinophils
Formation of macrophagesMonocytes
Heparin and histamine release- anticoagulation/inflammationMast cell
specific immune response, forms plasma cells, antibody production, immunoglobulinsB-Lymphocytes
Specific immune response, cell-mediated immunity, cell lysisT-lymphocytes
Formation of platelets needed for clottingMegakaryocyte
A protein used to store iron in the liverFerritin
The study of blood tissueHematology
Liquid connective tissue consisting of cells surrounded by a liquid extracellular matrixPlasma
Transportation, regulation, protectionFunctions and properties of blood
BloodpH 7.4
Withdrawal of blood from a vein. common site is the median cubital veinVenipuncture
RBC, WBC, platelets, Eosinophil, basophil, neutrophil, monocyte, mast cellsMyeloid stem cells
T-lymphocyte, B-lymphocyte, natural killer cellsLymphoid stem cell
Regulate progenitor cellsHemopoietic growth factors
Stimulate proliferation of progenitor cells involved in phagocytosis and immune responses.Cytokines
Produced by endothelial cells lining blood vessels and binds to hemoglobin. causes vasodilation.Nitric oxide
Artificially induced polycythemiaBlood doping