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level: Level 1

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Level 1

What is this?Myocardial ischemia and infarction
What is this?Pneumonia (normal on left)
What does this show?Mitochondrial swelling
What is this?Renal cell swelling (Normal on left)
What is this?Steatosis (Liver)
What is this?Atrophic muscle
What is this?Unilateral renal atrophy
What is this?Alzheimer's (atrophic on right)
What is this?Hypertrophy of uterus during pregnancy
What is this?Hypertrophic Heart
What is this?Ischaemic coagulative necrosis
What is this?Liquefactive Necrosis
What is this?Liquefactive necrosis
What is this?Caseous Necrosis
What is this?Acute appendicitis
What is this?meningitis
What is this?Pneumonia (normal on right)
What is this?Acute cellulitis
What is this?Abscess with liquefactive necrosis
What is this?Margination of neutrophils
What is this?Rheumatoid arthritis
What is this?Chronic Pancreatitis
What is this?Granulomatous inflammation, granuloma (not granulation tissue)
What is this?Ulceration (Healing aberration)
What is this?Keloid (healing aberration)
What is this?Excess collagen (healing aberration)
What is this?Contracture (healing aberration)
Dissolution of a clotFibrinolysis
Scar tissueGranulation tissue
Excess of scar tissueHypertrophic scar
Hypertrophic scarKeloid
Blood clotThrombus
Obstruction of an arteryEmbolism
Forming of a thrombisThrombosis
A blockage that moves through the bloodstream to form an embolism in another areaEmbolus
Accumulation of fatSteatosis
Cells shrinkAtrophy
Cells get biggerHypertrophy
Cells replicate moreHyperplasia
Changing from one type of mature tissue to anotherMetaplasia