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level: Common phrases

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Common phrases

Are you free this weekend?你这个周末有空吗?
What kind of work do you do?你作什么样的工作?
What are your hobbies?你有什么爱好?
What do you think?你认为怎样?
What do you do in your free time?你平常喜欢做什么?
What are your plans?你有什么计划?
I’m sorry, I don’t understand.不好意思, 我没听懂。
I don’t understand.我不太明白。
Please say that again.请再说一遍。
Which tone is that?第几声?
What does this word mean?这个词是什么意思?
Not bad不错
I understand. / I see.我明白了。
Of course.当然。
Take care慢走
Have a nice day祝你一天过得愉快
See you tomorrow.明天见。
Let’s keep in touch我们再联络吧
can i have a look at the menu我可以看一下菜单吗?
you look great你看上去很棒。
please wait a moment请稍等一下。
learning chinese is fun and easy中文学起来有趣又简单
I'm learning Chinese online我正在网上学习中文
i've been learning chinese for 10 years我已经学了十年中文
have a good day祝你一天顺利
how was work today?今天工作如何?
Work was tiring today今天的工作很累
what's the name of this dish?这道菜叫什么名字?
i must say i don't agree我得说我不赞成。
don't give up!别放弃!
How did you think practice went today?您认为今天的练习怎么样?
it was a good day今天玩得不错
it's been a tough day今天很艰难
what time do we start work tomorrow?我们明天几点开始工作?
What time do we finish work today?我们今天什么时间结束工作?
Do you want to play chess?你想下棋吗?
give me the bill, please!麻烦给我帐单!
did you sleep well last night?昨晚睡得好吗?
one of my favorite hobbies is learning languages我最喜欢的爱好之一是学习语言