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EOP to C7Ligamentum Nuchae
Anterior arch of atlas C1, supports the dens of C2Transverse Ligament
Dens to occiputAlar ligament
Dens to occiputApical ligament
Lamina below to lamina above, elastic tissueLigamentum Flava
Atypical. Does not have a vertebral body or intervertebral disk. Consists mostly of a bony ring with 2 lateral massesAtlas C1
is an extension of supraspinous ligaments that arise from SP of C7. Extends superiorly to the external occipital protuberance.Ligamentum Nuchae
in the absence of traumaCervical disc herniation occurs...
Nucleus pulposusCervical disc herniation
C5-6 C6-7Common site for cervical disc herniation
Limit rotationAlar ligaments
Triaxial, condyloid synoical joint between atlas and occipital condylesAtlanto-occipital joint
Uniaxial, planar synovial joints. Reinforced by the cruciate and alar ligaments.Atlanto-axial joints
Between the dens of axis and anterior arch of atlasMedian pivot joint
Side bending in one direction will always be coupled with rotation in the opposite direction.Coupled motion
controlled by the facet jointsLateral flexion and rotation
Guide flexion, limit lateral bending.Joints of luschka
allow passage of the vertebral artery (c1-6)Transverse foramen
Provides space for the spinal cordVertebral canal
only in the cervical regionJoints of luschka are found
join body to the laminaPedicals
are large and easily palpable, posterolaterallyArticular pillars
Also called facet joints, are on a 45 degree angle shape and angulation of the zygapophyseal joints.Zygapophyseal joints
are flat, between pedicles and spinous processLaminae
Usually bifid with the exception of C7Spinous processes
Atlas, axis, occipital condyles of skullUpper C-spine
C3-C7Lower c-spine
A blow to the top of the head that fractures atlas at the anterior and posterior arches.Jefferson Fracture
Fractures of the axis that involve dens or involve a fracture across the neural arch between the superior and inferior articular facets.Hangman fracture
Fusion of adjacent vertebrae. Most commonly between C1 and C2 or between C5 and C6Block vertebrae
Commonly occurs in C5,6,7. Narrowing of the intervertebral foramen occursOsteoarthritis