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level: Level 1

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Level 1

this is the study of illness, involving the study of psychological and mental illnesses.what does psychopathology mean
schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, anorexia nervousa, phobias and ocd.what are the illnesses of psychopathology
1960swhat year did the medical model get critized?
david rosenhanwho conducted the misdignosis experiment?
deviant, dangerous, distress, disfunctionalwhat are the 4 main D words in psychopathology?
goes against the normal behaviourwhat does the term 'deviant' mean in psychopathology?
causes the person or others distress it disturbs the being.what does the term 'distressful' mean in psychopathology?
causes disfunction in people lifeswhat does disfunctional mean?
deanger to themselves or others.what does dangerous mean
dsm - 5what is the mental disorder book
is that phobia is learned through associationexplain the learning theory?
dogs salvating at turning of food associationwhat is pavlovs study
scared of dark and fear of bedwhat is the examples of the phobias of the learning theory
night light, door open, light on and routinewhat are the cures for theses fears
type of psychosiswhat is schizophrenia
residual,catatonoic,cenesthopathic,simple,hephrenic,unspecfied, undifferentied and paraniod.what are the different types of schizophrenia?
history of psychosis, experience of negitive symtoms slow movement ,poor memory and hyginewhat is resdiual schizopheria
unsual bodily sensations.cenethopathic
rarest diagnosis, charistised by unsual, active or still, impersination and little speechcatatonic
neg simptoms will worsen and starts earlysimple
or disorganised developes 15-25 hallunations, delutonshebrphrenic
doesnt fit into catagorie mostlty hcpundifferential
doesnt fit into anyunspectifed
common, later developsparaniod
genetics, brain development, neurotransmitters, birth problems and drug abusewhat are the main causes of schizophrenia
runs in families, no gene for cause, combo of gene may the problem, twin 1 and 2. no identical different genetic makeup 1 and 8 chance and in general 1 and 100what is the genetic cause
people with schizopheria brains look slightly different however this isnt with every personwhat is the brain development cause
chemical which passes messages to other brain cells. neurotransmitters levels alter with drugs and schizopheria occurs when there are two different levels of dopamine and seratoin cause problemswhat is the neurotransmitters cause
born premature, lack of oxygen and low birthweight lead to schizopheniabirth probelms
cannibus , lsd, cocaine trigger schizophreniza symtomsdrug abuse
ect, family theapy, drug theapy and cbtwhat are the treatments of schizophrenia