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Move to the left depending on how many dp were are rounding too.Rounding decimals
Divide the top and bottom by a certain number that is the same for bothSimplified fractions
How many times the bottom goes into the top number is the whole number and then the amount left over is the numerator. The denominator stays the same.Improper fractions into mixed numbers
The denominator stays the same. the whole number x the denominator + the numerator is the final numeratorMixed numbers into improper fractions
1. if the bottoms are the same just add\subtract the top together 2. if they are different you can simplify one to make the bottoms the same 3.use 'smiles and kisses' denominator is the bottom multiplied. The numerator is left top x right bottom +/- right top x left bottom3 Methods to add or subtract fractions fractions
Change to improperMixed number + Mixed number method
step 1. change to improper fraction if needed 2. multiply the top and bottomMultiply fractions method
step 1. first fraction remains the same 2. flip second fraction upside-down 3. change divide to multiplyDivide fractions method
step 1. turn percentage into decimal (divide by 100) 2. multiply your amount by that decimalPercentage of of an amount method
Multiply your amount by (1+ whatever the percentage is as a decimal).Percentage increase
Multiply your amount by (1- whatever your percentage is as a decimal).Percentage decrease
Calculate 2/5 of 20 The word 'of' means multiplyFraction of an amount method
The place value of the last digit is what the number is over e.g 0.8 = 8/10 0.14 = 14/100 and then simplifyDecimals into fractions
Numerator ÷ DenominatorFractions into decimals
Write the percentage over 100 and the simplifyPercentages into fractions
Multiply by 100 and then add the percentage symbol on the endDecimals into percentages
Divide by 100Percentages into decimals
Change to decimal and then multiply by 100%Fractions into percentages
B – Brackets E – Exponents D/M – Division or Multiplication A/S – Addition or SubtractionBEDMAS
New value- old value ÷ old value x 100%Percentage change
++ = + +- = - -+ = - -- = +Integers + and - rules
Every two negatives equal to positiveWhen multiplying and dividing Negative numbers
Divide each part by the highest common factor. e.g 7:21 7 is the highest common factorSimplifying ratios
1. Add together the total number of parts of the ratio 2. Divide the given amount by the total number of parts 3. Multiply the answer by each ratio amount 4. Check that your answers add up to the same total given in the questionDividing by a ratio
Index form3⁶ is written in...
Cube root of 64 3, shift, ^, 64Cube roots on calculator
5x4x3x2x1The factorial 5! is written out as...