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level: LAQs

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level questions: LAQs

if two identical progressive waves propagating in opposite directions superpose each other then the resultant wave will be in the form of continuous loops and no energy is transferred in the medium.stationary waves
when a compressional wave is sent through an open pipe ,it gets reflected at the end of the pipe . these incident and reflected waves with same frequency in opp direction superimpose each other along the length of the pipestanding wave in open closed pipe
if a vibrating tuning fork is kept at the open end of the pipe, then compressions and rarefactions starts moving inside the pipe and gets reflected and incident waves superpose with each other and stationary waves are formedclosed pipe
the apparent change in frequency of sound when there is a relative motion between source and the observerdoppler effect
it is a property of virtue by which the nucleus of a heavy element disintegrates itself by emitting radiation without any external agents influenceradioactivity
the rate of radioactive decay at any instant is directly proportional to the no. of nuclei present at that instantradioactive decay law
it is a device used to produce nuclear energy due to nuclear fission. works on the principle of controlled chain reaction.nuclear reactor
1.fuel 2.moderator 3.control rods 4.shielding 5.coolant5 essential features of a nuclear reactor
when a steady current flows through a wire of uniform cross section ,the potential difference between any two points of the wire is directly proportional to the length of the wireprinciple of potentiometer