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level: AR Words 1

Questions and Answers List

level questions: AR Words 1

to developdesarrollar
to rememberrecordar
to reachllegar
to singcantar
to listen to, to hearescuchar
to sitsentar
to loveamar
to governgobernar
to pullHalar
to countcontar
to representrepresentar
to speakhablar
to provedemostrar
to wishdesear
to bearsoportar
to play (instrument), to touchtocar
to mixmezclar
to fitencajar
to saveguardar
to killmatar
to observeobservar
to paypagar
to jumpsaltar
to buycomprar
To increaseaumentar
to pushempujar
to burnquemar
to considerconsiderar
to excite, to arouseexcitar