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level questions: Level 1

6urinary system consist of blank organs
hiluman opening for nerves and vessels
filter, regulate, and maintain homostasisexcretion functions of the kidneys
blood to eliminate wastefilter
blood volume and pressure by eliminating or conserving waterregulate
controlling the amounts of water and electrolytes that are eliminatedMaintain homostasis
renal cell carcinomathe most common form of kidney cancer, occurs twice more as often in men than in women
posteriorthe ureter lies on the blank abdominal wall
waterthe prefix hydr- means
wilms tumor or nephroblastomamalignant childhood kidney tumor
renal adenomasbenjgn kidney tumors
hematuriablood in the urine
Acute glomerulonephritisinflammation of the kidneys filtration unit
Interstitial nephritisinflammation of the kidney tissue between the renal tubules
Polycystic kidney diseasean inherited disease
Acute renal failurekidneys suddenly stop filtering waste products from the blood
Chronic renal failure (CRF), or chronic kidney disease (CKD)gradual loss of renal function.
external urinary meatusopening of the uretha to the outside in males and females
urethritisinfection of the urethra
cystitisinfection of the urinary bladder
protein loss from the bloodnephrosis is a condition of
excess urea in the blooduremia is a condition of
peritoneal dialysisa method to clean the blood by implanting a catheter into the abdominal cavity is
grointhe crease where thigh joins abdomen is the
micturitionact of expelling urine
hyperkalemiaincreased potassium in the blood