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level: Vocal Rehabilitation

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Vocal Rehabilitation

Increases VF closure, respiration and awareness that effort is needed Think Loud... PDWhat is the purpose of the Lee Silverman Voice Therapy (LSVT)?
LSVTWhat is the only vocal treatment method that requires the SLP to be certified
LSVT, VF adduction exercisesWhat vocal treatments target hypofunctioning of the VFs?
LSVTWhat voice treatment is very intensive and targets the recalibration of the patients perception on how loud or soft they sound to other?
BotoxWhich vocal treatment treats the hyperfunctioning of the VFs to help improve breathing?
improve medial glottal closure aka VF closure increase intrinsic muscle strength and agilityWhat is the purpose of VF adduction exercises?
muscle lesions or VF inflammationVF adduction exercises should not be use with patients who have ...
Shakerwhat vocal treatment method increases the strength and endurance of the suprahyoid muscles ?
shakerWhich vocal treatment targets vocal pathologies with the following features Monopitch, reduced frequency range, age related vocal changes, swallowing patients
isometric and isokineticwhat are the two procedures of the shaker treatment?
the primary muscles of phonation (vocal folds)the shaker method does not target what muscles?
raise the head for 60 seconds, keep it there and then rest (sustained)The procedure of isometric for the shaker method is...
raise your head and drop it 30x (repetitive)The procedure of isokinetic for the shaker method is...
Reduce force of VF contact (hard attack) Reduce medial compression Increase coordination of airflow and phonationWhat is the purpose of easy onset and yawn sigh ?
Easy onsetCASE STUDY : Andrew, 19 years old, is being treated for bilateral vocal nodules due to an abundance of vocally abusive behaviors. In addition to counseling about good vocal hygiene, which other voice therapy technique would be best for him?
Lessac- Madson Resonant Voice TherapyCASE STUDY: Mr. Mack is a 5th grade school teacher and has developed polyps due to ongoing vocally abusive behaviors. Asking him not to use his voice would be inappropriate due to his occupation. Which treatment technique would be best for him to learn.
Eliminate effects of vocal fold injury by configuring the larynx and surrounding structures to reduce the level of respiratory effort and impact of stress on the vocal foldsThe purpose of Lessac- Madson Resonant Voice Therapy is to ...
those who are teachers and singers.... those who have benign vocal lesions, bowing, paralysis, nodules, polyps, or dysphoniaLessac- Madson Resonant Voice Therapy is commonly used amongst ..
pitchThe most prevalent vocal features for sex identification for transgender voice therapy is
modify the individuals pitch, resonance and prosody to match their gender expression not typically due to a voice disorderThe purpose of Transgender Voice Therapy is..
to manage airflow for those who tend to have breath-holding tendenciesStretch and flow exercises target...
stretch and flow exercises (uses a tissue)what treatment provides bio feedback?
Functional dysphonia, aphonia, muscle tension dysphoniaCommon populations associated with stretch and flow exercises are..
strengthen muscles to increase loudness without needing to increase force thus, increasing & strengthening subglottic expiratory pressure (Improves control and pressure of breathing for speech production).The purpose of expiratory Muscle Strength Training
- COPD, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, Spinal cord injury - Reduced respiratory muscle strengthCommon populations associated with expiratory muscle strength training
Reduce force of VF contact Reduce medial compression Reduce laryngeal tensionThe purpose of confidential voice is to...
FASLE!! it will cause more tension.. just work on soft/breathy voicing through relaxationTRUE/FALSE.. you want your client to whisper for confidential voice?
Gives steps to combine auditory-perceptual cues with knowledge of anatomy/physiology to be able to novel vocal qualities.The purpose of Integrated Implicit-Explicit Approach
the motor learning theoryThe Integrated Implicit-Explicit Approach is prompted by ..
naturally humidify the vocal folds to reduce ventricular phonationThe purpose of inhalation phonation/singhale is to...
Lombard EffectCASE STUDY: Mrs. Miller, 58 years old, presents with functional aphonia characterized by normal laryngeal anatomy, but atypical voice quality (speaks only in a whisper). She is not always compliant in therapy, but continues to show up because her social life is being negatively affected. When asked to increase her volume when speaking she is unable to. Which treatment technique would be best to increase her volume?
When the patient's voice becomes louder in the presence of background noise (masking)What is the purpose of the lombard effect?
identify and modify or eliminate behaviors and environmental factors that caused (or may cause) a voice disorderWhat is the goal of vocal hygiene?
NOIs it adequate to use vocal hygiene techniques alone?
1. identify phonotraumatic behaviors 2. Describe the effect on the vocal mechanism 3. Increase awareness of phonotraumatic behaviors 4. Modify or eliminate behaviorsWhat are the four steps of vocal hygiene?
Lack of progress Improved vocal quality acceptable to the patient Elimination / reduction in pathology Elimination of physical symptomsWhy would we terminate voice therapy?
Goals for therapy Commitment to attending sessions Keeping family engaged at therapy sessions & home Challenges with pediatric patients Fatigue & Frustration levels5 Factors to Consider when starting Voice therapy:
Provide education to the family and caretakers Encourage increased self awareness Encourage frequent practiceThree General guidelines for Voice Therapy:
Awareness of problem Willingness to participate in treatment and practice Willingness to eliminate harmful behaviors Voice problem General HealthWhat are the factors determining prognosis?