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level: AR Words 2

Questions and Answers List

level questions: AR Words 2

""to play"""jugar
""to spell"""deletrear
""to ask"""preguntar
""to try"""intentar
""to take"""tomar
""to give"""dar
""to think"""pensar
""to help"""ayudar
""to look for"""buscar
""to ring""sonar
""to find"""encontrar
""to let"""dejar
""to cross"""cruzar
""to draw"""dibujar
""to carry out""ejecutar
""to close"""Cerrar
""to carry"""llevar
""to begin"""comenzar
""to walk"""caminar
""to ease"""aliviar
""to pose"""plantear
""to leave"""dejar
""to pass"""pasar
""to multiply"""multiplicar
""to check"""comprobar
""to equate"""equiparar
""to fill"""llenar
""to paint"""pintar
""to fly"""volar
""to teach"""enseñar