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level: The Crucifixion

Questions and Answers List

level questions: The Crucifixion

What is Crucifixion?To be Executed by being stuck to a Cross -Jesus died like this
Why did Jesus feel the Pain of being Hung [His Death was not Instance]-He was Fully God, but Fully Human as well, which meant he had the same Emotions and Feelings that Humans had
-What did Jesus say, and why, to the Guards who Hung Him? -What did Jesus say to the 2 people, who were also sent to be Crucified?-He forgave them, as he Knew that they didn't know what they were really doing. -He had a Conversation with them, and promised one of them that he would be with God.
Quote of Jesus's last Words on the Cross"Jesus called out with a loud voice, 'Father, into your hands I commit my Spirt.' When he had said this, he breathed his last." [Luke 23:46] Nutshell: He Releases himself to his Father, leading to Death
What did one of the Roman Centurions say about the Crucifixion?-He knew that Jesus was a Good man, that was Innocent -He believed in God
Quote of what the Roman Centurions said"Surely this man was the Son of God" [Mark 15:39] Nutshell: He agrees with Jesus
What does the Crucifixion do to the Present on Christians?-Christians gain Confidence, as they can accept Jesus's Sacrifice which leads to no sins destroying Lives, as God can forgive those who truthfully asks -Christians know that Suffering is a part of Life, as it was in Jesus's, and therefore God Understands of it as well
What happened after the Death of Jesus, in terms of what to do with him?-When Jesus was dead, a Man called Joseph [Not to be Confused with Jesus's Father] wanted the Body. -Joseph was apart of the Council, and said for Jesus to be Crucified, but was Disagreeing with it. -Little time was there, because of events, which lead to Jesus being laid in a Cave/Tomb, and Rolled a Huge Stone to Blockade the Entrance to his Body.