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level: Heaven and Helll

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Heaven and Helll

What is Purgatory, and what happens here?-Purgatory is a State where the Souls are cleansed in order to go to Heaven
Why is our knowledge on Hell, Purgatory and Heaven limited?-This is because no one has Experienced it, and came Back [Apart from Jesus]
In images, what is Heaven pictured as?-Heaven is pictured as a Beautiful place, with joy and freedom roaming the Area. -God sits, and keeps check on Earth -Pretty much a Paradise
What are the Beliefs of Entering Heaven in Christians?-Some believe that if you Believe in Jesus, you will be with God in Heaven -Some believe that Heaven is for Christians and others people who believe in different Faiths, that have lived Faithful and nice lives -Some believe that simply Baptising is enough to be in Heaven, how you live your life is Irrelevant
What do Christians believe Heaven is like-An Eternal Spiritual Existence of Peace and Happiness. -God's Presence
How is Hell seen in Images?-Polar opposite of Heaven -Suffering, Fire and Torture flood the Scene, with Satan ruling the place. -This is an Image of what it would be like, without God for some Christians
Would Non-Christians go to Hell? Why would anyone be down there?-This statement seems very Unfair, but Christians believe that God is cant not be Unfair. -If you simply Believe in God, and welcome him, he will reward you -Some even say why a Loving god would inflict Pain and Torment for Eternal. -Some Christians believe a more belief, that Hell is just an eternal state of Mind knowing God. This would be for someone who didn't know who God was