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level: 99 Level 2 - Rama

Questions and Answers List

level questions: 99 Level 2 - Rama

Rama 99:05 – If one adds heter later, is there a problem of ChaNaN [chaticha naaseh neveilah]?Yes, and therefore even if shogeg will only help where there is no ChaNaN
Rama 99:05 – When does ChaNaN apply/ not apply according to the Rama?All prohibitions [not just milk and meat], unless both items are dry [yavesh b’yavesh], or – according to some opinions – both are liquids.
Rama 99:05 – The “yesh omrim” quoted by the Rama differentiates -- not between whether intentional or not -- but rather between …..?Whether someone knew about it before the heter fell in. Only if nobody knew about it will it be permitted.
Rama 99:05 – Does the Rov have to ask when the heter was added?The custom is not to do so.
Rama 99:06 – Regarding a Rabbinic prohibition that was nullified, does the Rama agree with the Mechaber?No. The Rama says it’s prohibited even if it fell in at first by accident.
Rama 99:06 –What is the law of the prohibition being “chozer v’ni’ur [“waking up”]?If the 1st time the prohibition was nullified, but then more of the same prohibition falls in, the 2 join together.
Rama 99:06 – If a small amount of milk [less than 60x] falls into water, can that water be used with meat? What if there is no 60x in the meat in comparision with the milk?Yes. It can be used with meat in all cases, since it was already nullified in the water, and it is all heter.