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level questions: Level 1

mitosisasexual reproduction of cells
meiosisdivision of cells in reproductive organs
somatic diploid cellsnormal body cells that have chromosomes in homologous pairs of 2, 1 set from a mother and 1 set from a father
homologous pairs2 pairs of one chromsome set from a mother and one chromsome set from a father
somatic diploid cells are represented as 2N because --there are 2 homologus pairs
cell division serves the purpose for --------keeping cells a small size, and reproduction
tumors are ----build up of cells due to a mutation where they clone themselves uncontrollably.
interphase -----------when sister chromatids, which are identical twins, clone during cell division
humans have _____ of homologus pairs23
humans have ______ chromosomes46
2N represents thatsomatic diploid cells have homologous pairs, meaning two sets of mother and father chromsomes
cells divide to -stay small so that they aren't forced to take in more nutrients, replace/fix old/damged cells
Which Phase?prophase
Which Phase?metaphase
Which Phaseanaphase
Which Phasetelophase
telophase is when --when the split chromosomes are pulled into 2 new nucleus
cytokinesis is when ---when the 2 newly formed nucleus split into their own cells
Which Phasecytokinesis
how many rounds in Mitosis?one
how many rounds Meiosis?two
how many cells are left after Mitosis?2 diploid cells
how many cells are left after Meiosis?4 haploid gamete cells with 23 chromosomes
the second round of Meiosis doesn't have ----interphase
in meiosis, tetrads are ----where the homologous pairs, combine into 1 form
tetrads "crossing over" means ---the tetrads will combine into a set of chromsomes that have a mix of both mother and father DNA
tetrads and "crossing over" occurs inmeiosis Prophase I
the 4 sex cells created at the end of meiosis are called -----gametes
gametes are -----haploid sex cells
Haploid cells (represented as N) contain ----half of a chromosome pair
haploids have _____ chromosomes23 chromosomes
when haploids combine to form Diploid cells, the Diploid cells have ____46 chromosomes