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level: Technique

Questions and Answers List

level questions: Technique

When using a piercing saw, how should the blade be set in the frame for maximum efficiency?Taut
In what direction should the zig-zag on a saw blade be facing before use?Downwards
What should you do when sawing around corners/curved edges?Move item, not saw
What should you do if your sawblade gets stuck to avoid snapping the blade?Move blade backwards
What should be worn anytime a drill is used?Goggles
What should you do before drilling a hole to stop the drill bit sliding across the surface of the metal?Make a small dent
What should you use to secure a piece of metal in place before driling?Clamp
If you need to drill a large hole, what should you do to make it easier?Drill in stages
What is the name of the process called that involves heating and cooling a piece of silver before working it to make it easier to manipulate?Annealing
What will happen to the silver once you begin to work it after annealing?It will harden
Why do you have to be careful how long you keep the flame on a piece and how hot it gets when annealing?It could melt
What is the term used to describe dropping a hot piece of silver in cold water once you have finished working on it to cool it down?Quenching
Before you start soldering an item, what should you do to make sure the solder takes properly?Clean it
What should you use to coat the area around the join, and then heat before soldering?Flux
What is the name given to the tiny pieces of solder that are cut to size before use?Pallions
When using heat to solder a piece of jewellery, where should the heat be concentrated?On the entire piece
How much solder should be used when joining pieces of metal?Least amount possible
What do you need to look for when applying heat to a piece of jewellery once the solder pallions are in place?Solder melting and flowing along the join
What should you do with a piece of jewellery once the soldering has been done?Quench and place in pickle
If using pliers to place in the pickle, what metal should not be used to avoid coating the piece in a copper layer?Iron